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Coming Soon!  La Mision's first bona fide Art Festival!  We'll be featuring local Baja Artists, Live Music all day, food fun and well... you get the idea. 

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Big Rains In La Mision!

Some say ten year rainfall records.  Multiple storms hit the Pacific coast over early to mid January bringing much needed water to all the aquafers.  While the green grass growth is exploding the rain is also creating new drainage ditches on roads, flooding of local agriculture and slippery conditions all around.  

La Mision's beautiful Estuary is filling back up fast and high full moon tides have caused the ocean surf to cut through the sand - forming a rarely seen river from the ocean and helping to fill up the estuary and give it a good flush.  

Birds and some fish thrive in these conditions and once things settle down everyone will want to get out in a kayak for a fun paddle.  

Predicting a high mosquito count once things warm up again! 


Volunteer Fire Fighters get a new fire truck!  Read More

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Looking for a place to eat in La Mision?  Here are some great choices.  Read More

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