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Art Festival Judges.  Thanks again for agreeing to helping us judge the First Annual La Mision Art Festival.  This is going to be a fun event for everyone and we want the judging to reflect not only an appreciation for the artist's work, but we also want to communicate an message of inclusion for all the artists so they will want to return next year. 

So here's how it will work that day.  Artists are instructed to be set up by 10am so we can actually effectively start the judging around 11am.  You'll each receive a score sheet to award a total number of points for each category.

You'll allot your points based on your own taste and preferences and appreciation of each artist's work.  

The categories you will judge include:



Mixed media


Jewelry - Is Jewelry art?  The jewelers think so. 

You'll probably need to walk through the show several times and interact with each of the artists-  

OK here's the technical part:   We have asked each artist to PICK ONE PIECE OF THEIR ART TO BE JUDGED - according to what they think is their best piece.  They are supposed to have it prominently displayed with a name of the piece on it.  SO WHEN YOU ASSIGN POINTS TO A PARTICULAR ARTIST you can also include the name of the piece.  (This helps us later when we tabulate all the scores and announce the winners). 

If the artists hasn't named a particular piece then encourage them to do so.  If you see a piece that is so incredible you feel it also needs to be acknowledged you'll have an additional small set of points to award so we can get them an honorable mention - especially if several of the judges awards extra points to a particular piece etc.  

Our awards will include:  

Best In Medium (1st place Ribbon)

Judges Choice (2nd place Ribbon)

Art Show Recognition (3rd place Ribbon)

and Honorable Mention

With a little bit of math we'll also award a Best In Show - overall highest scoring piece. 

We want all the judging to be done by 12:30pm so we can walk around and give them all certificates/ribbons to proudly display with their work for the rest of the day.  We'll also announce the winners on the PA that day.  The hope is to give each artist at least something so they feel included and recognized and want to come back next time. 

Celebrity Judges Panel:

Craig Klein - Rosarito Living

David Worthy - Local Art & Jewelry Connoisseur

Aimee Wyant - Local Real Estate Agent

Monica Salceda - Painter and Arts Supporter

Scott Richardson - Once Upon A Time In Rosarito

Jorge Meraz - Host Crossing South TV Program

Check in at the event headquarters table and I'll have your Judges forms and credentials ready for you when you arrive, we'll also need you to sign each of the award certificates. Plan to turn in your judges forms to registration by 12:30 so we can tabulate.  

Let's have fun! 

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