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HOW TO GET THERE  Take the toll road south to the La Fonda/Alisitos exit - go left (south) and follow the Free Road for approx. 2 miles.  Puerta Al Valle is on your left. 

PARKING AND UNLOADING Park temporarily as best you can to unload. Come to the registration table before setting up.  After registration you can unload and then move your car to the upstairs road above Puerta Al Valle. There will be a parking coordinator - Tip the parking guy if you can.  No one will be permitted to leve their car in exhibit ares or to block the access points. We are trying to make as much parking available as possible for attendees so please park tightly together upstairs and leave lower parking areas open. Please plan to go to 1) registration first, 2) find your spot, 3) unload (make a pile), 4) move your car, and 5) then concentrate on your exhibit setup.   No you can't drop off stuff the night before - sorry. 

REGISTRATION  7am - 9:30am COME TO THE REGISTRATION TABLE FIRST to get signed in, receive your artist/vendor sign and credentials/lanyard for the event.  We will have a stapler available there if you want to staple a business card to your festival ID lanyard. If you still owe for your exhibitor fees, please arrive with exact change- $20 US or $400 Pesos .  Look for the coffee vendor set up early for your morning jolt.  Once you are signed in we will have volunteers available to help guide you to your exhibit spot and to help you unload. 

EXHIBIT SET UP - Materials, Tents, Tables etc. You are allowed a10' X 10' area so please prepare everything you will need to exhibit in that space.  We aren't providing any furniture, tents, tables or electricity so please bring everything you will need as well as string, rope, tape, wire, screws, cordless drill etc. you will need to construct your exhibit. THERE IS NO TELLING WHAT THE WEATHER WILL BE LIKE SO PREPARE FOR THE WIND JUST IN CASE.  Bring your own chairs if needed. On site furniture and chairs are for festival attendees.  If you plan to bring a generator - only quiet ones will be allowed, period.

There are NO SPECIFIC RESERVED SPACES other than one or two we have assigned for logistical reasons.  Please don't ask to be in a certain area or next to a particular tenant  etc. ahead of time as we will be honoring first come first served policy.  No exceptions. If you want to be next to another exhibitor, arrive together to registration so we have a chance to make that happen for you.  If you have a certain spot in mind, get there early. No one will be allowed to set up in front of tenant entrances for obvious reasons, and please keep the dance floors clear (no set up in front of Archer's Pizza patio). 


When you set up make sure that you either share a border with another exhibitor or leave a 10' space between exhibits so we can fit someone else in.  We will be packed in for this event so thanks in advance for your understanding - please be nice to the other exhibitors and work together.  There are no 'special' or 'preferred' sections at the event as we have endeavored to have lots of attractions and entertainment on both levels of Puerta Al Valle throughout the Festival. 

ARTISTS NAME YOUR PIECE  To make things easier for the Judges please pick one of your artwork pieces you consider to be your best and label it with a name at the show that is easily identified by the judges.  They will of course see your other work as well (and may award you points for other pieces) but it will help the whole judging process (math wise) if they are all looking at the same pieces to score and can write down the names of specific pieces. 

MUSICIANS look for Ben Arrellano Stage coordinator to plug into PA, electricity etc. You will need to arrive EARLY to set up your gear so WE CAN STICK TO OUR PROGRAM SCHEDULE.  Please don't be late.  Earlier acts please take down immediately so we can get the stages set up for the next act.  


7AM - 10AM  Set Up

10am - Opening Welcome  Lower Stage Miguel Korsa & Bruce Erickson 

10:15 - Judge meeting (registration area)

10:45 - Judging Begins

11:00 - 1:00pm Jana and The Bahjemians Upper Stage

11:00 - 3:00pm Screening Room Opens - Upper road entrance

12:30 - Judging complete - Judges meeting - Awards Distributed

1:00 - 2:00  Baja Bart Band Lower Stage

2:00 - 3:00 Scott Haynes Upper Stage (Fire Dancers Upper Area)

3:00 - 4:00 Hola Soy Lola Blues Band

4:00 - 4:15 Acknowledgements & Awards Lower Stage

4:15 - 5:30 Hola Soy Lola Blues Band (Dancing) 

Please do not plan to leave early as can't have any cars pulling back in etc. until the event is over.

BATHROOMS we will have several Porta Potties set up in upper area corner and tenants will have their bathrooms available. 


FOOD AT THE EVENT try to support the on-site vendors.  we'll have a variety of food and drinks available. 

ON SITE EMERGENCIES?  We will have a first aid kit in the registration area. Local emergency services are minutes away. 

WHAT ABOUT BAD WEATHER?  We are already checking forecasts etc. for March 18th. The weather predictions in our area are correct only about 1/2 the time.  If indeed we have still another storm descend upon us that threatens the 18th, THE AUTOMATIC RAIN DATE WILL BE THE FOLLOWING SATURDAY MARCH 25TH.  If weather looks bad we will make a decision by Friday the 17th in the AM.  Look for an announcement on Bart Berry Facebook or check your email for a message, will also post on Rosarito Living Facebook Page.  Please expect that the event is ON unless you see a postponement message.  If it's cold, cloudy, blustery etc.. we will still go so please show up as we are counting on you. 

Thank you once again for participating in our FIRST La Mision Art Festival.  Please bring a positive attitude and your best energy to this event as we try to make something special happen on the 18th.  We can't do it without you.  Let's have fun together! 


Questions etc.?  661-131-3131

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