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Art Festival Musician Sign Up

Interested in getting on stage for the First Annual La Mision Art Festival? 

Yes we are paying a couple full bands (we'll be making an announcement when we figure out what we can really afford at this event) - but anyone else that wants to play as a single or small group is essentially playing on a volunteer basis.  We would love to have you and give everyone a chance to participate - whatever style Jazz, Blues, Folk, Zydeco.. you get the idea - and it is during the day so you can still make your evening gig.  Just be ready with a short set 3-4 songs and you can be part of the fun that day - we'll also include you in ongoing promotion if you commit.  


We will have two stages at Puerta Al Valle with alternating acts for a full schedule of music all day long from 11 am till 5pm.  That will give each of the artists time to set up/take down while the music continues at the other stage for non stop - no breaks - music. 

We'll have a PA and microphones on both stages to make things easier (still bring your own amps) and special green room area set up for musicians as well as credentials for you if you are going to be part of the show,  We'll assign you a time slot as we get closer to the date.   Pretty easy Eh?  We hope you'll come out for the day and have a good time with us.  SIGN UP ON THIS FORM SO WE CAN START PUTTING TOGETHER THE SCHEDULE.  Gracias! 


Bart Berry 661-131-3131

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