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La Mision Bomberos


It's hard to believe that there are still places in the world that rely on a volunteer fire department but the community of La Mision is one of them.   "I've never seen so many fires in my life!"  local residents say and it's true.  This past year has seen fire after fire in the area - mainly because of the drastic water shortages and drought we have been living with.  The La Mision Bomberos continue to rally and respond to fires big and small - with a small team consisting of local volunteers with limited equipment.  

La Mision a couple years back, we should never forget - saw one of the most devastating fires in Baja Mexico with much of the surrounding landscape including many homes completely wiped out.  


It's never easy to keep an intact group of volunteers together, keep them trained and provide resources so they are there when you need them. 

If ever there was a worthy cause to support this would be it - La Mision Volunteer Fire Fighters depend on community donations with various collection efforts and events coordinated by Sunny Crowley. 

Recently the Bomberos had a big win with the donation and importation of a complete fire engine, and a crew truck - much needed augmentations to their fledgling armada.  La Mision Rotary has donated other equipment like backpack water carriers that are well suited to the rugged terrain that vehicles just can't get to.   Other California Fire companies have donated additional equipment and turnouts so fire fighters have the basic stuff to wear.   

Other developments of late include the construction of a crew bunk house so crews can be posted 'on duty' at all times and have a functional headquarters. 

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