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The La Mision Community is comprised of several connected sub-communities which all share the two main road arteries  (Mexico 1D - the toll road and Mexico 1 - the free road) and the natural and beautiful La Mision Estuary.  Technically, this beautiful body of water is the dividing line between the Municipality of Rosarito and the County of Ensenada (the largest in the State of Baja).  While located on the extreme borders of these two important areas, La Mision is often considered the poor step child of either and while both Ensenada and Rosarito have fought for the right to govern La Mision, this beautiful area has taken it upon itself to be self-determining and largely self supporting. 


The greater La Mision area includes: 

'Playas La Mision' - a gated community with beach front homes along the actual coastline and bordering the estuary.


'La Loma' - which is a stones throw from the beach but largely encompasses the North Shore of the Estuary.


'Santa Anita' - which reflects much of the local Mexican community a bit further to the east.

'Downtown La Mision' which follows Mexican 1 (the free road) east and contains restaurants, stores and the Police Station

'Ejido La Mision' which includes the Campo Turistico Nov 18 private residences and thousands of hectares of nature located on the South Side of the Estuary. 


'Punta Piedra' which is another gated Community along the ocean with exclusive homes bordering the South edge of the Public Beach.

'La Fonda & Alisitos' along the Pacific Ocean on the free road that leads through different La Mision sections and all the way towards the famous Valle De Guadalupe (Baja's Wine Country).

Of further note are the communities of Plaza Del Mar which has three sections along the ocean north of the La Fonda/Alisitos exit and many of the large ranch properties overlooking la Mision.


So What's So Great About La Mision? 

From the perspective of a transplanted Californian, one could say that La Mision has just about everything. 



It would be hard to find a home as beautiful with so many wonderful things to access for anywhere near the cost to live in La Mision.  Complete houses, even ranches cost less than the smallest 1 bedroom home in San Diego these days.  Food is less, electricity is less, cell phones and internet cost less and by the way - gas is cheaper in Mexico.  

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horseback riding on beach la mision.jpg


In La Mision you are surrounded by awesome views of mountains and water from the Federally protected Estuary to wide open Pacific Beaches and surf, totally natural back country with hiking and rock climbing, an Equestrian/Ranchero culture where you might have to share the road with a string of horses, to World Class Paragliding, Baja Off Roading, Surfing, Fishing and let's not forget Baja's Wine Country.  The road through La Mision goes directly to more than 200 wineries and restaurants with some of the finest cuisine in the world - and not at NAPA Valley prices.  Add to that great restaurants and clubs with live entertainment, an active Expat population with many community activities as well as community groups from Pet Rescue to Volunteer Fire Fighting. 


The wind blows more than 6000 miles across the ocean - all the way from Japan to La Mision, with nothing in between.  This is some of the cleanest and healthiest air on the planet - so you'll probably live longer if you come down here.  The ocean water is cleaner this far south, and in the evening there's not so much light pollution that you can't see the stars from m your own personal view to the sky.  The mountains and hills all around are largely undeveloped and full of real wild life - from Red Tail Hawks, Osprey and Kestrels to migrating cranes, ducks and gulls as part of a riparian migration corridor.  Yes we see whales all the time - just look out on the ocean for the spouts - especially in winter.  You'll develop a relationship with the local Skunk, Possum and Raccoon population as well as Gophers, Rabbits and the occasional Lynx or Coyote.  And best yet - there are no government permits, parking regulations or other BS that stop you from venturing out just about wherever you want without the fear of getting some kind of government ticket. 

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Everything in la Mision is 'down home' with literally no chain stores other than the ubiquitous OXXOs everywhere (Mexico's 7-11) so you are supporting actual small business owners who treat you like you've gone back in time to 1957.  Refreshing is putting it mildly.  Everyone gets to know everyone sooner than later from local politicians to champion rodeo riders and farmers to musicians, artists and healers. And it's easy to get around. 


If you love genuine and authentic Mexican cuisine look no further. La Mision is also a heavy agricultural area so there is an abundance of fresh and healthy organic vegetables which have been picked down the street yesterday.  Seafood, shellfish and lobster are plentiful in Baja and it will spoil you for eating fish north of the Border - and fresher too.  There are many restaurants in the area - while a few are super popular it is a 20 minute ride to 300 restaurants in Rosarito, 100 in the Wine Country, or 300+ in Ensenada.  Happy hours and Taco Tuesdays please even those on the tightest budgets.  Professional chefs from Mexico City are always opening new concept restaurants in the area since it's much easier to get in to the restaurant business in Baja. 

La Mision great food lamb.jpg


Yes it's much easier to build your own home, on your own budget, on your own schedule down here in Baja - and especially in La Mision.  Whether you opt for a land lease or a bank trust , there is nowhere near the hassle, expense and beauracracy that you experience in the USA if you want to build something.  There are tons of local laborers and craftsmen who work for rates you cannot believe.  Materials are sourced locally and everything is negotiable.  You can build fast or slow, start with something simple or go 'all in' - no matter the case it will be much much less than the cost of building in California for instance. La Mision still has plenty of land and lots - or existing homes you can remodel or add on to.


It's a fine line between living 100% immersed in the Mexican Culture and still maintaining many of th ethings you love about a typical US lifestyle.  Good thing for you, La Mision has both. There is a strong and active Expat population of folks who do everything from coming down on the weekend or for the warmer weather to those who have left the US behind completely years ago.  Everyone has evolved ways of doing things a little differently from heating homes with propane to mail services, weekly bingo and poker games to wine clubs, having a horse in your yard to long range tuna fishing and it's all more relaxed and easy when us Gringos generally recognize and appreciate the others who have made a commitment to operating in a foreign country.  Many have discovered pleasantly that they can afford to live on their fixed income or Social Security and La Mision is the perfect options - still so close to the USA, but not in it. There is lots going on for Expats always in La Mision. 

La Mision Couple On Beach.jpg


Escaping to beautiful La Mision is a choice many have made and never looked back.  Some say their blood pressure has dropped and they've never felt more relaxed and grounded.  It's this more relaxed attitude that makes many in La Mision more approachable and friendly.  The best thing to do however, is to come and see it for yourself if you haven't been here already.  Sign up for our Email List and get regular updates on events and happenings in the area. 

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