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La Mision Estuary


The La Mision Estuary feeds a natural spring fed water table all the way from the Valle De Guadalupe to the Pacific Ocean.  This body of water acts as the border between Rosarito and Ensenada and supports a riparian migration corridor with a multitude of bird species as well as year round residents.  Local hikers, beach goers, horse back riders and kayakers utilize the beautiful area with minimum impact. 


When there are king ocean tides and storms the Pacific Ocean cuts through the sand under the coastal bridge and circulated ocean water flushing the estuary.  Because of the mix of fresh and salt waters as well as local agricultural run off, the water in the Estuary can lack identity and develops a brackish color.  While crabs and mullet serve as the diet for great blue Herons and Snowy Egrets there is no proper salt or fresh water fishing for other species as one might hope.  


Recent rains in 2023 have caused the Estuary to rise to ten year flood levels, but the equalization between creek and ocean have left it in very healthy shape.

Local wildlife include a multitude of local and migratory gull species, ducks, loons, cormorant, snowy egrets, Blue Heron, Oyster Catchers, Coopers Haws, Kestrels, Rabbits, Mice, Buzzards, Red Tail Hawks, Geese, Cranes and Osprey. Smaller bird species too numerous to mention also make their homes here in this unique area.   

Real Estate Values are definitely increased on both sides of 'the river' as each side represents magnificent views and the ongoing nature show. 

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