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Yes La Mision is on the Pacific Ocean with great beaches.  One of the best things about La Mision Beaches is that there re no fees or permits required.  Just park and walk or surf, or fish or drag your kayak or bring your kite or plan a campfire or ride your horse.    Yes it's like that. 




The most prominent and obvious beach is the La Mision Public Beach right on the highway next to the entrance to the La Mision Estuary.  This is La Mision's busiest beach when the weather is nice and it's gets a bit shall we say - over run.  If you go on the weekend expect tons of cars parked 3 deep, loud music, cocos stands cranking and families running everywhere.  It is quite a big beach that also grants access under the highway bridge to some sandy beaches and shallow water of the Estuary.  This is a fun playground for families and various floatable watercraft that couldn't handle the surf.  To get there just travel down the toll road and look for the pull off on the west side of the road heading south.  You can also park on the east side of the road but you'll have to walk around under the bridge OR cross the toll road at your own risk. 

La Mision Alisitos Beach.jpg
la mision ultra lights.jpeg


Alisitos is another great sprawling beach with access a couple different ways.  There is the paid parking entrance at Alisitos proper where you can get very close to the sand, parking on a little bluff overlooking the waves.  There is also overnight camping here and bathrooms at the same spot.  Alternatively, you can go to La Palapa restaurant and bar and they have a stairway that leads down to the sand. lots of steps but there's a drink waiting for you at the bar when you climb back up.   This same area can be accessed by winding yourself around the back of the La Mision Hotel and Restaurant and you will see a small path to get you down there - this works well i there are so many people parked that you have to park up on the free road and walk aways. This is a great beach and pretty clean with a continuous show of Ultra Lights taking off and landing with the occasional tandem paraglider flights landing .   Just above this beach are the iconic La Fonda Restaurant and Poco Cielo Restaurants along with their respective hotels.


The Plaza Del Mar beach, North of Alisitos, is in front of the private development and is not easy to get to.   It is one of the nicest beaches around and supposed to be open to the public.  Use your ingenuity to get down to this one. 

La Mision Plaza Del Mar Beach.jfif
La Mision Area baja-seasons-resort.jpg


This is a great long beautiful beach in front of the Baja Seasons RV park.  The great thing about this place is for a day use fee you can use their pool and jacuzzi and enjoy the bar and restaurant on site.  Nothing like being able to take a cool dip after your beach activities.  Look for pull off on west side of road heading south on the toll road - after Punta Piedra Exit. 


Take the La Salina Exit (heading south past Punta Piedra) and pull into the secure parking at the La Salina Cantina.  This is a great place to  base camp for your day at the beach.  Super interesting jeddy from the marina and clean clear water with plentiful clams to gather - make this a fine choice.  the Cantina is there to feed you or to spray the sand off your feet on the way back.  Our favorite beach in the area and not ever crowded. La Salina is home to many special events and great seafood. 

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