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Saturday Market

Puerta Al Valle

The Saturday Market is the defacto community gathering in La Mision every Saturday afternoon from 11am till 4pm.  Various vendors, food providers, the center tenants and surprise guests and tourists make this weekly gathering unique in the area.

Life Bands, food sampling and home made elixirs  such as Sangria and Baja Whiskey kick things up a little bit.  

Dogs are welcome if they are well behaved - you owners know what to do.  

Come and shop everything from original artwork and local organic vegetables to smoked fish, cheese, and goodies of all kinds.  In addition to that you can buy jewelry, clothing, hats, cbd products, recycled furniture and well... you'd better just come and check it out. 

The Puerta Al Valle Center is conveniently located on the free road about 2 miles south and a little inland from the Alisitos/La Fonda exit.  The door to the Guadalupe Valley and Wine Country Route starts here

Something New Every Week

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