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Vendors Wanted PAV Saturday Market

For more than 3 years Puerta Al Valle has hosted local artisans, crafts people, produce and food sellers, wine makers and even garage sale thrifters to sell their wares on Saturdays from 11am - 4pm.  This wonderful community gathering happens every week accompanied by live music friends and fun. 


For a $10 fee vendors are invited to set up from 10am, pick a spot and create as elaborate or simple a display as they want to present their items for sale.   

Some vendors return every week while others target seasonal holiday buyers or simply come to sell when their produce gets ripe, they finish another painting or have some cool new ideas to try out. 


The atmosphere for vendors is warm, welcoming and participative as the vendors recognize that it's their responsibility to create an interesting experience together that customers will want to return to again and again.  


Want to be a vendor? 

It's Easy! 


Just show up any Saturday, arrive early and we'll help you find a spot to unload and set up. 

Plan to stay for the entire event (approx. 4pm latest).   Check out our vendor guidelines: 

1. Generally you can sell just about anything legal (food and alcohol vendors by special arrangement - contact us first - we do have a few restrictions).


2. Park and unload early so you can have your vehicle cleared out of the market area by 11am.  Park as far away as you can to leave the better parking spots for our customers.  Bring as much manpower as you need to unload and setup - that's your job.  Cooperate with neighboring vendors so we can maximize the space available.  


3. Think about the wind with your display as it is sometimes a factor at PAV. Unless it's raining cats and dogs we set up the market - count on it. 


4. If you're going to generate trash with food etc. prepare your own trash can to use. 


5. Make sure to REGISTER AS A VENDOR HERE so we have all your contact information and so we can let you know about upcoming special events etc.  

6. We'll collect $10 from you towards the end of the market day - on rare occasions we'll be charging $20 per vendor if it's a larger musical act of special holiday event.  


7. Respect other vendors' sales process and don't interrupt vendors when they are talking to customers in front of their own display.  Don't worry, customers will get to you if they want to. 


8. Sampling is encouraged for food and wine etc. Remember we want to make our market as 'experiential' as possible.  


9. From time to time we may ask you to participate with raffle prizes, special demonstrations, or other ideas we have to keep things interesting. You're on the event team. 

10. Want more help driving customers to you? We have a special vendor's marketing plan where you get your own web page here on our site, and are automatically included in weekly emails and social media announcements. Learn more at the VENDOR REGISTRATION page. 


Questions?  661-131-3131

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